Sharing Jesus: It's Not an Option 

From the Desk of Gwen Brown 

A common excuse for Christians not sharing the gospel; (not sharing Jesus ) is "That's not my Gift", or "That's not my calling", NEWS FLASH" If you are a Christian, If you have accepted Jesus as your Personal Savior, it is not an option. It is not debatable. THE GREAT COMMISSION 

Think about this, If you knew a loved one or a friend who died without making Jesus their Lord, and you had an opportunity to share Jesus with them before their demise, yet failed to do so, how would that make you feel? I have personally experienced that. The above scenario is more common than not. Christians are choosing to be silent, while many people they know i.e., relatives, friends, neighbors, co-workers, associates, and even church goers are dying and going to hell. St. John Members Can Make A Difference God does not call the prepared; He prepares the Called. Who are the Called ? Answer: You, Me, and all who have made Jesus their Choice. Let's join the Share Jesus Movement and start an Evangelism Explosion in this city. *If you need additional information to assist you in sharing Jesus, contact: 

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. 

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